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Electric drive unit cooling systems and methods

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Systems and methods for cooling power transmission systems are include providing oil through an aperture defined in a housing to a stator cooling ring, through the stator cooling ring and into stator cooling channels, through the stator cooling channels and into spaces defined between the housing and jet rings, and through holes in the jet rings and onto the end-windings. The stator cooling ring, stator cooling channels and jet rings can encircle the stator and end-windings and, via the holes in the jet rings, spray pressurized jets of oil from various angles onto the end-windings, and in particular middle regions thereof. Seals may be used between the jet rings and housing, and between the jet rings and stator ends. The seals may be compressed so as to form an interference fit between the jet rings and housing or stator ends as the case may be.



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4 Apr 2018

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21 Sep 2021