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Optical adjustment for head-mountable device

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A head-mountable device can include an optical module that provides a display element and/or an optical element that are adjustably mounted. The display element and/or another optical element can be adjusted by actuation of a mechanism that allows the display element and/or the optical element to move in one or more (e.g., six) degrees of freedom (roll, pitch, and yaw). The actuation allows for the position of the display element to be adjusted relative to the optical element to correct for any displacements caused during operation of the head-mountable device. One or more sensors within the optical module or external to the optical module and/or the head-mountable device can detect the position of the display at an initial state as well as thereafter. The sensors can check for changes in the position of the components to provide a basis for the actuation.



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24 Jul 2020

Issue date:

5 Oct 2021